25 June 2012

Carling unveils giant ‘liquid 3D’ Outdoor poster   Kinetic, hi-rezz and Optimedia have pioneered a spectacular liquid 3D special build for Carling’s latest Outdoor campaign, which captivates the message “Brilliantly British, Brilliantly Refreshing”. The campaign lands

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01 June 2012

BP DOMINATES LONDON’S CROMWELL RD WITH OLYMPIC DISPLAY   As part of their 2012 Olympic activity BP booked the Cromwell Rd domination for a long term holding over the 2012 Olympic period. Fuel & hi-rezz worked

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12 May 2012

12 roadside bus shelters were fitted with bespoke units containing real living flowers filled with special water retaining soil and fans to maintain temperature and regulate humidity. Interior LED lighting added a final flourish as

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Paramount Mission Impossible

21 December 2011

To celebrate the release of the fourth instalment from the Mission Impossible franchise: Ghost Protocol, we worked with Paramount Pictures on a unique special build stunt. A key London banner location was set up to

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Nintendo 3DS – Super Mario

22 November 2011

Nintendo occupied the 2 central panels on Clear Channels Cromination for a 3d special build promoting the new Mariokart 7 game coming to the market in December 2011. Planned and booked through Kinetic & the

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Phones 4 U

09 November 2011

Supporting national TV, press and a roadside OOH campaign incharge 31st October, Phones 4 U booked large format special builds to generate additional impact and talkability. The campaign message – these deals will haunt you

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MULLER – wunderful stuff

27 October 2011

Part of a major advertising campaign incorporating TV, press, on-line and outdoor – Muller are running with some large special builds for their “Wunderful stuff” promotion. London’s Cromwell Rd multi 96 sheet site has been

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Universal Johnny English

06 September 2011

To celebrate the forthcoming the release of the Universals Johnny English “reborn” – we have produced 3 special builds 96 sheets which work alongside a national OOH campaign. High profile locations in London, Manchester &

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Fosters Gold

06 September 2011

A first for outdoor 6s, and part of a new Foster’s Gold campaign featuring the now established ‘Brad & Dan’ characters, Foster’s unveiled the first ever digital poster campaign that allows people to create and

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Warner Brothers – Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Part 2

06 July 2011

The final chapter of this epic adventure saw Warner Bros revisit the Cromwell Rd for Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (in cinemas nationwide July 15th 2011). Working with all 6 faces of Clear

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