15 January 2016

comfort 1

If you fancy brightening up your day (from this lovely British weather) then head
down to the Comfort branded sites to smell the scent of Fuchsia Passion.
9x sites were booked for this special which were spread across key areas in London, Brighton, Manchester and Leeds.
They are live till 27th July so it’s definitely worth a visit to either the New Oxford Street site (down the road) or Oxford
Street (opposite Selfridges) to experience a scented bus shelter.

Comfort 2

The scent is released every minute, and combined with the bus shelter vinyl wrap a multi-sensory zone is created. The
bright and fun creative has worked incredibly well in showcasing Comforts’ new product!
Comfort supplied their own fragranced oil which made the production process very simple. This special build is great for
any fragrance, beauty or even food clients that want to create an immersive zone.

Comfort 3

For more information on this campaign or for any special build queries please contact Paul Shields @ Hi Rezz.