29 April 2015

Npower – 2D layers

Npower is a great example of how the creative artwork can lead the special build idea. After many discussions/brainstorms, Npower agreed  to push ahead with a 2D cut-out of Omid Djalili with layers on top to create the correct perspective. Using 2D layers, it allows the creative to give depth without the use of 3D vac moulds. This was a great solution for Npower due to the budget signed-off.

The special build was live for 5 weeks (!) in Birmingham.



Our production team produced a mock-up of the above on a small scale version (of a 96sheet) to allow the client to visualise how the final site would look.


So please keep in mind that we are happy to produce mock-ups of 2D cut-outs to show the client how the creative would look. This helped a lot with Npower!