Green Credentials & ISO 14001

ISO 14001

hi-rezz has been certified with ISO 14001 Enviromental Management System for the past 4 years.

Hi Rezz - ISO 14001- BSI Logo (UKAS)


hi-rezz has now implemented a Carbon Zero initiative

Carbon emissions directly resulting from the printing and initial dispatch of our clients work will be offset at no additional cost to client – hi-rezz are funding this Carbon Zero initiative.

We will mainly support projects aimed to help the poorest communities

Community agro forestry to restore degraded land and improve livelihoods. Specifically, lifetime maintenance of indigenous newly planted trees/bushes that will additionally provide fruit etc, and assist in improving the local economy.

LPG stoves to save remaining forests and topsoil due to widespread local destruction for the need for firewood and the resulting soil erosion and prove community health by significantly reducing respiratory disease (particularly amongst women and young children) caused by the regular inhalation of the smoke from their wood burning fires and stoves.